Cerebral palsy statistics

Cerebral palsy statistics are the astonishing ones now a day because the rate of occurrence of this condition seems to get increased in the current periods despite the developments in the lifestyle of the persons in various countries.

The rate of prevalence and incidence are highly affected by various factors like nutritional features. In many countries, the feeding is so different with different kinds of food materials and the food habits.

About 443 cases of congenital cerebral palsy cases were encountered from the year of 1986 to 1991 in case of five county –metropolitan Atlanta areas. Similarly, the same rate was compared with the earlier recorded number of cases of 263 from the year of 1981 to 1985. The records were from the

The expectant mother needs to be more cautious. She is expected to avoid the eating of problem causing food materials. If not, the incidence of such conditions will get increased like anything.

Likewise, the improper obstetrical care leads to increase in the prevalence and incidence rates of the cerebral palsy condition among the newborn. Acquired conditions like during drowning or accidents by automobiles etc. also lead to the increase in the percentage of occurrence.

A population based study needs to be carried out in any country. The one that is carried out in the year 1997 reveals that the birth weight based and adjusted prevalence rate was 2.8 per thousand children.

The children weighing in the range of 3500 to 3999 grams during the time of birth were found to be at the lowest risk of development of cerebral palsy problems.

However, this needs to be carried out in every year or at least once in two years in all countries. This kind of statistics will be of really helpful to draw some concrete decisions on the management point of view.

In USA, up to 10 per cent of infants with birth weights less than one thousand and five hundred grams were found affected with this condition. Similarly, the male to female ratio with this congenital condition was found to be 1.3: 1.

The cerebral palsy statistics reveal that through out the industrialized world, the prevalence rate of this condition, which is congenital in origin, is calculated to be about two per thousand. The cerebral palsy statistics related to the prevalence rate is estimated only at about six years of age.

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