Cerebral palsy prevention

Cerebral palsy prevention is not easy as we think. It is because the actual cause of the cerebral palsy is still unknown to the medical world. What instructions a medical practitioner can give without knowing the reason for cerebral palsy? However, few links have been noticed between cerebral palsy and possible habits during pregnancy, birth, and infancy. Some of these habits can be stopped and some is very difficult to stop.

The pregnant mother can contribute to cerebral palsy prevention by adopting and maintaining healthy habits for the care of herself as well as the growing fetus. Healthy habits include consumption of sufficient nutritious food and obeying the instructions of medical practitioner without fail.

The pregnant mother should not smoke or drink alcohol and take illegal drugs. She has to avoid the exposure to harmful chemicals, take the precautionary measures to avoid accidents, keep the body away from food poisoning, and meet the health professional regularly for check up and necessary advices.

The pregnant women have to do whatever they can to be healthy during the pregnancy and to reduce the risk of brain injury to the growing fetus and aid in cerebral palsy prevention. The pregnant women should take precautionary measures if they have any long term diseases like diabetes and thyroid problems.

Get treatment for infections and eat a balanced diet. Most of the health professionals will suggest consumption of vitamin supplements, which contain all the required vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, during the pregnancy.

Parents have to take care of their child, till they grow to a certain age group to prevent the child from getting cerebral palsy. Do the needful for the new born child, in the form of vaccine or other preventive measures to prevent jaundice and other serious diseases, which may cause damage to the brain.

Jaundice should never reach the critical level that causes injury to the brain of the child and leads to cerebral palsy. Protecting the children from accident and head injuries are one of the methods for cerebral palsy prevention.

A child’s brain can be seriously affected from the heavy impact on the head. Take precautionary measures to protect the child from the impacts and infections as a means of cerebral palsy prevention.

Keep the child away from the people with serious diseases, which may be infectious and which might affect the child. Follow the standard immunization schedule, recommended for childhood, which protects the child from the illness and thus avoid the serious conditions.

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