Cerebral palsy causes

Cerebral palsy is an abnormality in the brain that causes a disability in a person which affects their normal activities in daily life. These disorders may cause the deficiency in vision, hearing impairment and speaking disability.

Cerebral palsy will affect the body movement and muscle co-ordination, which leads to disability or unbalance while walking or other movements. As per the medical definition the cerebral palsy is "a non-developing” but unchanging disorder of movements and posture, due to irregularity of the under-developed brain.

The development of the brain along with its growth will get started in the early stages of pregnancy and is carried on until the age of three. This period is a very crucial period to the brain and anything that happens to the brain during this period may lead to cerebral palsy.

The word cerebral represents the ‘brain’ and palsy represents the lack of control. This results in the loss of mind–body harmony and this is the main reason for cerebral palsy.

The effects of cerebral palsy vary from person to person. At its mildest condition, cerebral palsy may result in a slight awkwardness in the movements. But in its severe condition, cerebral palsy results in the complete disorder of muscle control and extremely affects the hearing ability, vision, movement control and speech.

The disability of the cerebral palsy patient depends on the affected area of the brain and the severity of the damage.

The damage to the brain causes the following symptoms:

Inflexibility of muscles or spasm, Unintentional movements, Trouble with gross motor skills that results in the disability in walking or running, Complexity with fine motor skills that causes disability in writing and speaking, and Abnormal awareness and sensation.

The exact cerebral palsy causes are still unknown to the medical world. However any trouble in the developing brain will cause for the cerebral palsy.

The damages to the brain may be caused by genetic or growth disorders, injury to the brain, and infections or diseases and this will lead to cerebral palsy. As a result of this the child will lose many abilities for leading a normal life.

The child with cerebral palsy can have an expectation of a normal life. The damage to the brain happens once in the life time of the cerebral palsy patient and that condition of the brain will never worsen. However the nature of disability may change over time either negatively or positively.

The condition of some patients may improve by the regular therapy, exercise and other activities. On the other hand the condition of some patients may worsen and they may fall permanently.

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