Cerebral palsy therapy

The disorders of brain and lack of muscle coordination can cause Spasticity, ataxia, muscle weakness, and scoliosis in cerebral palsy patients. All are major impairments, affects the posture and mobility of the cerebral palsy affected children.

The inability that has occurred due to the cerebral palsy is not curable. However, some improvements in the posture and movements can be brought by regular cerebral palsy therapy and exercises.

The therapists and family members of the cerebral palsy patient have to work together to provide and assist the patient in regular exercise and cerebral palsy therapy to improve the mobility and motor skills to manage their life independently.

The physical cerebral palsy therapy is very much useful for the cerebral palsy patients to achieve their best possible potential for mobility and physical independence. The physical therapy consists of regular exercise, proper positioning, and the therapist will teach the alternate ways to move with the help of adaptive equipments.

The occupational cerebral palsy therapy is developed, purposefully for increasing the ability to do the activities by improving the motor skills. This therapy will help the cerebral palsy affected children to use the adaptive equipments like the feeding accessories, sittings, and bathroom aids.

The cerebral palsy therapy for speech is with the aim of increasing the ability to speak and improving the communication skills. If the patient is in need of improving a minor articulation problem, it will be very easy to improve by the speech therapy.

Some patients may not be able to communicate anything verbally; then, the therapist will adopt and teach the non-verbal communication systems like blissymbol boards, eye gaze systems, and electronic voice synthesizers. The music therapy is uses for the treatment of mental retardation and behavioral disorders.

The disabled children due to the cerebral palsy will always be prescribed the orthotics, splints or casts as a supplement to their cerebral palsy therapy. These programs are very helpful to those children for positioning the joints, stretching the muscles and improving the stability to the body.

The occupational and physical therapists will work along with the patient’s family for improving the functionality of the affected limbs, developing the motor skills, and maintaining the posture and movements.

The speech therapist will work with high-tech equipments and aids like computer oriented programs and communication devices, which will provide unbelievable improvement in the life of cerebral palsy patients, who have speech impairments. New therapy programs are being developed time to time and you may contact the nearest Cerebral Palsy Association for information and alternative treatments to your affected child.

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