Cerebral palsy center

This disease is due to the damage of the parts of the brain that are used for controlling the movement of the muscle present all over the body. This brain damage affects the fine motor skills and gross motor skills completely. Cerebrum is the portion of the brain and palsy is paralysis. Cerebral palsy is paralysis of muscle due to problems in the brain.

The children are affected more than the adults. The main reason for this is the damage of the child’s brain due to injury at the time of late pregnancy. In some case the children pick up the brain injury immediately after the birth by accident.

These affected children need to cared separately. For this there are so many cerebral palsy centers are functioning. Let us discuss about one such center here.

Cerebral palsy ability center

This is an organization works in order to help the children with cerebral palsy. This organization is a tax exempted organization located in Washington, of United States of America.

The mission of this organization is to provide conductive education for children with cerebral palsy. This organization offers offer classes throughout the year for school age children, kindergarten children and toddlers. This organization or center also provides scholarships for needed people.

This cerebral palsy ability center conducts summer camp every year. This summer camp is to raise the fund. The interested persons can come and pay the fund directly to the organization.

The conductive education

This conductive education is an integrated, complex program for developmental learning for the children who are suffering from motor skill disorder resulting fro the damage of the central nervous system. This program includes social learning, physical learning, academic learning and emotional learning.

This conductive education was started at peto institute in Budapest of Hungary. In older days people from all over USA used to bring their child to the peto institute of Hungary for conductive education.

This was laborious process as they need to plan their trip well in advance and the cost involved was more also. Now that problem is averted as the conductive education is available in Washington DC itself.

This cerebral epilepsy center in Washington hires program conductors who are trained from peto institute. This center follows the peto institute model more closely. This center also has direct access to the peto institute so that the inputs are received from peto institute on regular basis.

This cerebral palsy ability center also receives children with cerebral palsy in order to evaluate them before sending them to peto institute if the parents of the affected children prefer that.

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