Child with cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy can be described as a group of chronic movement and posture disorders. The word cerebral represents the brain and the word palsy refers to the physical disorders, like the lack of muscle control.

Cerebral palsy is not caused by troubles with muscles or nerves, but absolutely with the brain's inability to effectively control the body and its functions. Cerebral palsy can be caused by the injury to the brain during birth; however it can be the result of later damage to the brain also. Child with cerebral palsy will be having many kinds of disabilities like the movement problems and posture.

Disorders due to the cerebral palsy can be in four categories like Spastic [stiff muscles or difficulties for movement), Ataxic [loss of depth perception and balance], Athetoid [uncontrolled movements], and Mixed [two or more of the above]. Cerebral palsy disorders will continue throughout the life of child and affects the muscle control, nervous system, resulting the spasticity and paralysis.

There is no sole reason for cerebral palsy condition however most of the cases are due to the brain damage that occurs during pregnancy or at the time of birth.

The damage to the brain can be due to an interruption of oxygen supply to the brain for more than four or five minutes during the pregnancy. In some cases, child with cerebral palsy will be the result of a congenital disorder or an abnormal formation of brain. A severe infection to the pregnant mother, such as German measles, can also cause the damage to the fetus brain.

A child with cerebral palsy has to manage his complete life with the disabilities and disorders. Cerebral palsy is not a curable condition even though the effect of disabilities can be reduced by the therapies, regular exercise, and other developmental programs proposed by the medical professionals.

The neurological therapies, special educational programs, drug therapies, and support of adaptive equipments along with lot of emotional support from family and other caregivers can help a child with cerebral palsy to obtain many capabilities to lead an independent life.

The physical therapy or neurological treatment is meant for improving the motor functions and to attain the flexibility to the muscles.

The occupational therapy is to enhance the ability to eat, self dressing, and toileting skills. In addition to these therapies, the drug therapy may be prescribed to the Child with cerebral palsy for protecting the body from seizures and attacks of spasticity. Leg braces are optional that may be suggested by the doctor to correct the muscle contractions.

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