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Cerebral palsy! This is disease of brain. This disease is more common in child than the adults. The movement and the control of the parts of the body especially arms and legs is very much disturbed. The reason for this difficulty is the damage of the part of the brain that controls the movement of the parts of the body.

In affected patients the muscles of the arms and leg become very stiff. The muscle tone varies from part to part. In some parts the muscle will be tough and in some other part the muscle will be very loose. Because of this the child or person affected with cerebral palsy cannot function or make movements as he desires.

The brain damage in most cases happens well before the delivery of the baby. As the result of the brain damage the parts that are responsible for the movement and coordination of the muscle does not develop normally resulting in this disorder.

The normal growth of the brain also could be affected if the oxygen supply to the growing fetus was disturbed during the pregnancy. Some viral infection like rubella during pregnancy can also result in cerebral palsy.

Physiotherapy is the treatment that needs to given to the child as soon as the cerebral palsy is diagnosed. This will enhance the motor movements. Oral drugs are not giving satisfactory results. Botulinum toxin injection can be tried to reduce the spasticity of the muscle. Splints and cast can also try to reduce the contractibility of the muscles of arm and leg.

Articles on cerebral palsy

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Cerebral palsy widespread in US-the incidence and statistical information about the occurrence of cerebral palsy in United States of America is mentioned.

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