Athetoid Cerebral palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is a terrible disease that leads to brain damage as well as movement disorder. Worst part is that there is no permanent cure for this disease. The patient should undergo stages of therapies and treatments that will reduce the pain, help them in movements and improvise their communication skills.

About Cerebral Palsy Claim

The cerebral palsy affected children do have their legal rights such as right to continue their education in school, right to work, right to reside in a community, right for availing medical support and many more. If any of these rights are not provided to them, then they can claim for it. In addition to these rights, they have two other legal rights. They are: Claim for Legal Aid and Claim for Compensation if the disease is caused due to medical negligence.

Legal Aid Claim

Children affected by Cerebral Palsy or any other birth injury are eligible for Legal Aid or Public Funding. There are many solicitors who are available to help you in getting your legal aid without paying any fees. These solicitors will in turn file an application for legal aid on your behalf and they will help you in getting it. Even if the parents of the Cerebral Palsy affected Child are earning well, that doesn't prevent the child from getting the legal aid. Only if the child has an income, then that income is taken into consideration.

Cerebral Palsy Claim for Medical Negligence

A child gets this disease during pregnancy period of the mother, at the time of birth or soon after the birth. There are chances that the hospital doctors / nurses have done a medical mistake due to which the child has got this disease. The medical mistakes / medical negligence that cause this disease are listed below:

-> Delay in delivery leading to oxygen deprivation
-> Failure to provide treatment for low blood sugar level / jaundice / meningitis / umbilical cord that is prolapsed.
-> Failure to monitor and control heart rate changes either in the child or in the mother.
-> Failure / Delay in performing C-Section when there are pregnancy complications.
-> High usage of vacuum extraction.
-> Improper forceps usage.

If the patient has the disease due to any of the above listed medical negligence factors, then you can make a cerebral palsy claim with the help of a cerebral palsy lawyer and win more than million dollar compensation.

Time Limit for Cerebral Palsy Claim

You can make a claim until the patient is under the age of 21. However, it is always recommended that you make the claim as soon as the child gets the disease.

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