Seeking Best Help for Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is the most common motor disorder in infants and children and the most common cause of physical disabilities in childhood. Cerebral palsy affects the brain depending on the part of brain affected; a child develops the problem in walking, talking, eating, playing and other day to day activities. Every parent desire that their child should lead a normal life as other children does. As such it is essential to help the children with cerebral palsy to lead a happy life by preventing these disabilities to mature. For this it is required to have every possible facility available for their children, perhaps the best doctor, experts from the field which would help these students to diminish the ill effects of cerebral palsy.

Several treatments and therapies are done so as to diagnose and treat cerebral palsy. Some of these therapies are occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, drugs to control seizures, various surgeries, intense therapy, thyroid hormone treatment, stoke therapy, treatment with oxygen, electric procedure and many more. It is required to boost the morale of these children so that these children although with disabilities may lead a much organized and happy life.

Also observatory conclusions show that homeopathic system gives the most satisfactory results. Homeopathy helps these children in many ways. Unlike other systems homeopathic system improves I.Q. It also improves neuromuscular abilities, swallowing, neck handling, sitting, standing and walking. It also improves in understanding of the child and calculating skills, schooling capacity. The child with cerebral palsy becomes immune to fight diseases. It also improves cognitive ability of the child, relieves anxiety, depression, conduct disorders and hyperkinesis. Also homeopathic treatment improves flaccidity, spasticity of limb muscles, squint degulation.

Also there is a lot of scope to help students with cerebral palsy. Teach the students about any special equipment they may require to study. Assign them their classroom peers and also prepare other classmates for the arrival of a student with cerebral palsy. The classroom layout should be such that it may not hinder the movement of their wheelchair. Seat these students close to the exits. Also note that the classroom is clean and the floor is smooth. Alongwith this there should be provisions provided for these students for studies like verbal communication skills emphasizing more on role plays and giving extra time in completing assignments.

The state and central governments of the nations across the world provide aid to such children. They have better provisions and other facilities available for these children with disabilities. You can seek financial aid from them to hire the support you need in terms of nutritionist, therapist, any other specialists to help your child enjoy a long, healthy life. Apart from these there are many societies which work exclusively for the betterment of these children. These societies not only finance these children with cerebral palsy but these societies also facilitate them with equipments, and doctor and medical team. These societies also provide a workable environment exclusively for the children with disabilities.

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