What cause bell palsy

What causes bell palsy?

This is the question that is asked by many persons? Damage to the seventh cranial nerve is the main etiological factor that leads to the problem in these cases of bell palsy.

The causes need to be understood in a proper manner along with the pathogenesis of the concerned damage to the concerned cranial nerve. There will be facial weakening and the appearance of the face may be little different in case of such affected persons.

It is still debatable whether the mumps and rubella can lead to the facial nerve damage and however, lot of research is being conducted throughout the world with regard to the fixation of the cause for the occurrence of bell palsy.

However, conditions like sarcoidosis and HIV are the ones that may lead to the derangement in the facial nerve’s function and finally in such cases the facial nerve is damaged.

Similarly, the last semester of pregnancy in females increase the chances of occurrences of such facial nerve damage. Generally one side of the face gets paralyzed and if proper therapy is adapted in such patients, there are many cases that revealed recovery within a period of three weeks.

Men over the age of forty years are getting frequently affected, in general. However, men and women are equally affected. Persons with diabetes are having more chances of being affected by this condition.

In USA, one in forty thousand Americans are affected by this bell palsy in some point of their lifetime. However, if you view the world level statistics, one in five thousand persons are generally affected by this bell palsy.

Hence, the causes for bell palsy need to be understood in a proper manner if the therapy is to be successful in the concerned patients. Trauma causing the facial nerve damage needs to be essentially ruled out in all cases. The general causes are listed in medical bulletins available with various medical institutions and Internet.

Bell palsy is caused by the event trauma only and not by the causes that make permanent changes in the facial muscles. The herpes simplex is another viral factor that is being associated as the causal factor in the development of the facial nerve damage.

However, this concept needs further research in the field. Some times, the bell palsy is known to occur in case of families. However, the genetic causes related to this bell palsy are to be probed in details.

Many countries are doing various kinds of research pertaining to the proof of genetic factors in a précised manner. Conditions that cause the compromise in the immunity level in case of patients may often leads to this kind of palsy many times.

Research on what causes bell palsy is most important one. Many times, seminars on what causes bell palsy are conducted in order to make an enriched understanding on this subject of bell palsy.

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