Cerebral palsy wheelchairs

Cerebral palsy wheelchairs are most useful for the cerebral palsy affected patients, especially those who are unable to move one place to another.

The cerebral palsy wheelchairs are available in different types like manual and motorized. If the cerebral palsy affected person can operate the cerebral palsy wheelchair by his hands, then the parents can select a manually operated cerebral wheelchair.

Some patients may not be able to do anything by using their hands due to the muscle coordination problem and such persons should use the motorized cerebral palsy wheelchair.

While purchasing a cerebral palsy wheelchair, parents must seek for guidance from child’s physical-therapist, and orthopedist. Most of the pediatric hospitals are having their cerebral palsy wheelchair clinics.

Physical-therapists, engineering analyst, and physicians will be available in these clinics to discuss with the family to assess the child’s situation. This is done before deciding the type of wheelchair, which will be the best to meet the needs of child.

The cerebral palsy wheelchair should never be selected without the proper instructions from child’s physical-therapist. Many web sites are available for collecting the details of cerebral palsy wheelchair, manufacturer, suppliers, and engineering quality of wheelchair.

There are some web sites, where you can fill up the condition of cerebral palsy affected child and they will assess and propose the right type of cerebral palsy wheelchair for your child.

For purchasing a cerebral palsy wheelchair the experts will examine three factors such as the requirement of postural control and support to child, ability of child to pull and push the wheelchair, and the need of any additional adaptive devices.

The cerebral palsy wheelchair must be suitable for use at home as well as in school. As the wheelchair has to be used for multiple purposes, the equipment should have good bearing capacity and the size also has to be suitable to the roads, where the child has to travel for school.

The accessibility of service and maintenance should also be taken into the consideration. Manual wheelchairs will require less repairs and replacements than the powered wheelchairs.Some cerebral palsy wheelchair manufacturers are making “growth wheelchairs” and wheelchairs with “growth kits”.

These types of wheelchairs are meant for the complete life time of cerebral palsy affected children. These types of wheelchairs are adjustable depending on the growth of child and some parts are replaceable from smaller to larger size to accommodate the grown child. This option is more economical and the family can avoid the purchase of new cerebral palsy wheelchair from time to time based on the growth of child.

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