Cerebral palsy prevalence

Cerebral palsy prevalence is now a day noticed at an increased level due to the multiple etiological causes in various countries. This is something that is causing worry to the medical fraternity. More and more cases are now a day presented to them with variable levels of symptoms in the concerned persons. Is it a surprise message for you? Yes. This is true. You need to believe this.


The condition gets highly prevalent if the expectant mother abuses the drug intake before the delivery.

There are many drugs that Cerebral palsy resources can cause the cerebral palsy in case of fetus. The toxic metabolites that are present in the body subsequent to the metabolic reactions finally form the causal factor that increases the prevalence of this condition.

Alcohol and its impact on the prevalence

The prevalence is also being affected by factors like misuse of drinking of alcohol. The pregnant ladies if they drink alcohol too much in a routine manner without any control, then the fetuses may reveal the increased affections with cerebral palsy condition.

Hence, to reduce the prevalence of such conditions, the mothers carrying fetuses need to avoid such vigorous drinking of alcohol.

Percentage of prevalence in the children

When to calculate the prevalence percentage in children is the question often everybody raises. Yes. This is a more fitting question in the assessment of prevalence of cerebral palsy.

The prevalence rate of this condition is calculated only the age of six and this is the time when the children enter the school. One should be bothered on the increased prevalence in case of children that are born with underweight due to multifaceted reasons.

Connection between birth and the prevalence of cerebral palsy

Similarly, if the children are born prematurely, then also the prevalence of this condition gets increased. Hence, one needs to be more careful in such situations.

Hence, whenever such births are documented, one has to reveal the prevalence related information to the concerned parents. Hence the parents may be extra alert in the identification of such signs at an earlier age in their children.

Different in prevalence rates

The various countries are presenting the data of prevalence of this cerebral palsy condition differently.

The presence of different levels of cerebral palsy prevalence in various nations is an embarrassing one for many. Various factors for different levels of cerebral palsy prevalence comprise of existence of variable obstetrical care related measures, different nutritional factors related to the development of brain and the related structures etc.

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