Cerebral palsy lifespan

Cerebral palsy is not a killer disease or condition. The person affected with cerebral palsy can lead a productive long life. There are many people with cerebral palsy who have become parents, completer their university education successfully and have led happy social life. Some of the people have even become successful pianists and brain sugeons. There are ways and means of leading a happy life with cerebral palsy let us discuss about it here.

Disability and handicap

The person with cerebral palsy need to cope up with the handicaps and disability as his disease condition cannot be cured. Disability is nothing but loss of physical function. Difficulty in controlling the speech, difficulty in controlling the hand leg etc can be considered as disability. These disabilities are certainly your disadvantage. The degree of disadvantage is handicap.

Try to not to make your disability in to handicap.For example if the person with cerebral palsy wants to enter the building, new cannot do so as he could not climb the steps. But if the building is provided with wheelchair access, then his disability does not become a handicap here.


You need to have good self esteem to cope up with the negative attitudes of the other people. Some people may pat on your head and go while you are sitting in a wheel chair. Try to ignore such people. If you are parent never protect your child with cerebral palsy too much or make him too dependant on you. Expose them to the real world. Let the child to understand the realities of the life.


You being a person with disability you cannot lead an independent life. Hence you need friendship and help on continuous basis. Get admitted to the school to develop friendship. Try joining the social activity to increase the opportunity of getting friendships.

Maintaining your physical health

Nutritious food and regular exercise is a must not only for healthy people but also for people with disability. Regular exercise will help you to move the parts better. Regular exercise will increase the flexibility and range of motion.

Excercise also strengthens the cardiovascular system which very vital for you. You need to follow low fat, high fiber diet. This will help you to avoid problems like constipation. This diet will help

Cerebral palsy and aging

So far more research was done on child with cerebral palsy. There is hardly anything as far as aging effect of cerebral palsy is concerned. Though the people with cerebral palsy considered being having normal life span, the symptoms get worse as the age advances.

Loss of strength, fatigue, and plasticity may increase and the mobility may decrease. This may put additional stress on the person with cerebral palsy as the age advances. As you notice the worsening of the symptom, you need to consult the doctor in order to reduce the symptoms.

Maintaining the mental health

Try to involve yourself in meaningful activities, try to have active life style. There is no point in thinking about the disability. Try to have as many friends as possible. Keep and maintain positive attitude.

By just following the suggestions mentioned above the person with cerebral palsy can enhance his life span.

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