Cerebral palsy learning

Cerebral palsy is one of the disorders that are seen in children. The children with cerebral palsy find it difficult to speak, eat, swallow, walk, crawl etc. this is because the motor skill both gross and fine is in total disarray.

The reason is the damage of that part of the brain that is responsible for motor skills. In 90 percent of the cases the damage was due to the injury picked up during the late part of the pregnancy. This injury prevents normal healthy growth of the brain. This is the reason most of the children with cerebral palsy do have mental retardation also.

In 10 percent of the cases the injury to the brain happens at the time of birth. Injury to the brain not necessarily be physical injury but also can be an infection such as toxoplasmosis and rubella.

There is no cure for cerebral palsy. The symptoms like spasticity and contraction can be treated by medicines and surgery. As the age advances the symptoms also worsens.

The children with cerebral palsy need to survive, need to have education, need to communicate etc. The children with cerebral palsy should be taught to live happy and meaningful life.

These children with impaired motors skills cannot go to the normal schools as they cannot cope up. These children need special care. They need unique way of teaching. For this the best is conductive education specially designed for children with motor disorders.

As soon as the child is diagnosed for cerebral palsy immediately put the child in conductive education. Though the disorder is present from the day one of the childhood, it is diagnosed only at the age when the child enters school.

Conductive education

Conductive education is the brain child of dr.andras peto of Budapest of Hungary. He is the person who found out that brain can find newer ways to control the motor movements to some extend. It is a complex educational sysyem.

This education guides or teaches the children with motor disturbance or disorder to more active and functional in the society. This education is an active approach. It is also a cognitive apperoach. In this approach the development of whole personality [intellectual, physical, emotional, social and psychological] is involved.

The physical skill development is combined with cognitive, communicativeandsensory learning.
There is no need for the parents to worry about the quality of conductive education offered as there is Aquinas college that produces quality teachers. Aquinas college is the only college in United States of America that offers POHI [physically and /or health impaired] undergraduate program.

This program concentrates on conductive education. Here are the key components of the POHI program. The key components are courses of general education, application and coursework for conductive education, and teacher preparation courses for elementary education.

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