Cerebral palsy hereditary

Cerebral palsy is the neurological disorder of the child caused by injury to the some parts of the brain that controls co ordination. Cerebral palsy affects one baby out of 500 babies born. There are so many causes for the cerebral palsy. Is hereditary one among them or not? This is the question that needs to be answered? Here are the discussions pertaining to that.

The cerebral palsy is it hereditary? If that is so, the gene that is causing cerebral palsy must run in few families. Though there is no concrete evidence to prove that the cerebral palsy is transmitted from mother to the offspring through gene, the possibility of hereditary transmission can not be ruled out.

There are few observations and study information collected reopens the topic of genetic influence in cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy incidence is more in mothers who are suffering from mental retardation.

Like wise the cerebral palsy occurrence is more in mothers who used to have mild seizures. The child born prior to this child is dead at birth, and then the chance of the child born getting cerebral palsy is more. The incidence of cerebral palsy is more to the younger brothers or sisters born to the child with motor deficit.

Cerebral palsy reoccurs in certain families. [The percentage of occurrence is 10%]. Nearly 30 -35 % of ataxic cerebral palsy is due to autonomic recessive disorder. In nearly 60% of the ataxic cerebral palsy genetic diseases are common.

Many metabolic disorders found out during neo natal stage results in cerebral palsy. Children with disorders of urea cycle results in spastic quadriplegia. Some researches from Adelaide University strongly feel that the cerebral palsy is caused by hereditary genetic disorder more than the injury at the time of birth.

As per professor Alastair McLennan [department of obstetrics and gynecology] hereditary disorders for blood clotting increases the incidence of cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder which results in severe to moderate problems in co ordination of the parts of the body.

Professor Alastair also feels the problems like lack of oxygen at the time of birth cannot cause cerebral palsy. He also feels that in future the cerebral palsy can be prevented if the cause is infection through immunization. Even if the transmission is hereditary, the cerebral palsy can be controlled through genetic engineering.

As of now, the possibility of hereditary transmission of cerebral palsy is not confirmed though there are suspicion that it might be hereditary.

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