Cerebral palsy help

Cerebral palsy is the disorder of the brain that affects the movement and posture of the child. The affected children will be helped by the doctors. The parents of the children will be in state of shock from the moment they know their child’s problem. You being a friend of them need to help them. Here is little suggestion regarding how to go about it.

Talking with the family

You need to keep open relationship with the parent of the child with cerebral palsy. This will reduce the pressure on them. Here are few suggestions for the type of communication the parents of the child with cerebral palsy will appreciate.

You need to be very honest when you talk to them about your opinion about their child. You need to listen very carefully when they talk to you regarding their children. Never try to ignore them.

Try to be available for a chat when the parents of the child want to talk to you about the child. Try to ask questions like want can do for you? How can I help to get over or mitigate the mental agony?

You need to have patience when you deal with the parent and the child. The child cannot do this fast as they are having disturbances in the motor skills. They may take more time in getting in to the car and house.

Dealing with the denial

Dealing with the denial is the most difficult thing for the parent. the moment they thing how the friends and relatives feel about their child with cerebral palsy if they come to know, will put more pressure on them. There are few ways of reacting which will help the parents from putting more burdens on them. Here they are.

Think and believe that the child is not having any major problem like cancer, heart problem etc. think that the child will grow out of the problems as he grows. Think positive about the treatment. Think how the development in the field of medicine and there will be complete cure for this, even though it is not.


Parents of the children with cerebral palsy need support more than the child himself. The parents need extra support. They need emotional and practical support.

Emotional support

Try to be there at their house being a good friend to share their emotional feeling. Listen to their grievances carefully. Tell them not to worry as there is no body in the world without problems. Emotional support is the most needed support for the family which has a child with cerebral palsy.

Practical support

You can help the parents on a regular basis. You can help them in shopping, you can help them in errands, and you can help them in child care. You can offer your help in case of medical emergencies like making yourself available during the emergency just to take care of the other children.

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