Cerebral palsy genetic disorder

Cerebral palsy is a disorder of the brain. The affected person will have uncontrolled gross motor skill and fine motor skill. These symptoms are due the damage of the part of the brain that controls the motor movements.

There are so many known causes for this cerebral palsy. The genetic disorder is it also a cause is the question that needs to be answered. Some scientist feel that the cerebral palsy is non genetic disorder while some other feels that the genetic influence in cerebral palsy cannot be ruled out in total. Let us discuss about it here.

Cerebral palsy is a non genetic disorder. on genetic disorder is nothing but a disorder that arises due to non genetic causes like infection, lack of oxygen, lack of thyroid hormone ,physical trauma etc for long ,long period it is believed that cerebral palsy does not run in particular families.

However, recently it is observed that the incidence of cerebral palsy is more in ethnic groups [for example Pakistani], socio economic group [for example the poor people], and racial groups [for example Americans and Africans].

A recent publication brings about the role of genetics in cerebral palsy. The prevalence of cerebral palsy in the Asian habitation [mostly Pakistanis] was compared with the incidence of cerebral palsy in non Asians.

The incidence of cerebral palsy was 6.42 in a population of 1000 persons in Asian population. Where as the incidence of cerebral palsy were only 3.18 in a population of 1000 persons in non Asian population.

The difference is huge. Spastic cerebral palsy was seen in both Asian and non Asian population whereas the hemiplegics cerebral palsy was seen more in non Asian population.

In this study the socio-economic variables were not taken in to account. The socio-economic difference between the ethnic group as well as the socio-economic difference between the families without or with the cerebral palsy was also not studied.

First cousin marriages were noticed in 51% of the families that belong to Asia. First cousin marriages were very rare in non Asian families.

In the Asian community half the families in which if one person had cerebral palsy, one more person with the similar type of cerebral palsy was noticed. The incidence of cerebral palsy was more in families where the close marriages were more.

Cerebral palsy is the condition resulting from variety of causes. Each causes results in non progressive brain damage. This damage in turn results in disorder of posture and movement.

The environmental reasons were identified as the cause of cerebral palsy. The genetic cause or genetic disorder for cerebral palsy is so far not proved. Hence cerebral palsy is more of an acquired disorder than the genetic disorder.

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