Cerebral palsy for kids

The children born with cerebral palsy have a congenital malformation of brain, which must be happened during the pregnancy and may not be caused by the birthing process.

All the malformations can not be identified by the medical practitioner, even with new technologies like most sophisticated scanning systems. When cerebral palsy is diagnosed in new born babies,

The parents of the child will often feel blameworthy and wonder about the disorders happened to their child. It is undoubtedly true that right prenatal care is most important for preventing congenital problems of the baby.

However, the congenital malfunctions or birth defects may occur even after strictly following the physician's advice by the mother to take care of herself as well as the developing fetus.

The severe physical trauma to the pregnant mother will cause injury to the fetal brain too, but it is a rare case. Pre-matured birth and less weight [below 1.5Kg] of the new born baby are also shown to be related to increased chances for the occurrence of specific disorders and cerebral palsy for kids.

Pre-mature infants are at higher risk of cerebral palsy than the full-term infants and the risk also add to the babies born with less weight.Many chemicals are identified to unfavorably influence the developing brain and the alcohol is the most commonly used chemical, which will cause cerebral palsy for kids.

If the mother is physically abused by the use of alcohol during pregnancy the developing brain will get affected negatively and chances for the disorders in the child are very high.

Lack of nutrition or malnutrition to the mother during the pregnancy can negatively affect the brain growth of the fetus, and also can result in low birth weight which can also be the cause for cerebral palsy for kids.

The use of cocaine by the pregnant mother could lead to blood vessel complications, which will affect many organs and the central nervous system. If the use of cocaine is increased the disorders to the new born babies is increased.

The use of cocaine by the mother during the pregnancy will cause many disabilities to infants including the mental retardation and cerebral palsy for kids. The child will be completely dependent on the family members for his or her safety and protection during the infancy and early childhood. Protecting the child from injuries is the most important task of the child's caretakers.

The injury like asphyxia can harm the brain in various ways, and can be the cause for cerebral palsy in kids.

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