Cerebral palsy FAQ

Cerebral palsy is the disorder of the brain due to which the fine motor skills and gross motor skills are disturbed resulting in uncontrolled movements of the parts of the body and posture of the body. The part of the brain that controls the movement gets affected due to injury, infection etc. Here are few frequently asked questions bad the answers.

What are the possible causes of cerebral palsy?

Brain injury of the baby during late pregnancy or at time of delivery is the major cause. Cerebral palsy can also be acquired after the delivery by damaging the brain by accidental fall, starvation etc. viral infection s such as rubella can cause cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy can also be inherited.

Cerebral palsy, is it contagious?

Cerebral palsy is not a contagious disease. The main cause to the cerebral palsy is the injury to the brain of the fetus that happens at the time of birth. Injury is an incidence not an infection so that it can spread.

Cerebral palsy is it progressive or non-progressive?

Cerebral palsy is not at all a progressive disease. The symptoms that arise as the result of cerebral palsy may remain unchanged. The symptom that develops due to cerebral palsy may become worse or improve. The symptoms and the severity of the same will vary from person to person.

Can anybody acquire cerebral palsy in his older age?

You can no way get the true form of cerebral palsy during old age. Cerebral palsy is the disease of young children that arise due to injury to the brain at the time of delivery or during late pregnancy. A different type of palsy more like cerebral palsy can be acquired later in life due motor vehicle accident, brain infection, fall from high altitude etc.

How many people do really have cerebral palsy in U.S?

Nearly half a million people are affected with cerebral palsy in United States of America. Nearly five thousand children are diagnosed for cerebral palsy in a year. Nearly one thousand five hundred young children get cerebral palsy every year.

Can we prevent the cerebral palsy?

Yeah, you can prevent the cerebral palsy. Pregnant women who are Rh negative needs to be immunized. This is preventing the harmful effects of blood incompatablity with the blood of the child. You can also try exchange blood transfusion to avoid the blood incompatibility of bother and the child.

If the child is diagnosed for jaundice, ultra violet light therapy [phototherapy] can be tried to prevent the damage of the brain. Preventing the pregnant women from viral infection, exposure to radiation, unwanted drug, malnutrition, and anemia will protect the brain from getting damaged thus preventing cerebral palsy.

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