Cerebral palsy exercises

A child with cerebral palsy has to be provided with sufficient assistance and regular cerebral palsy exercises to improve his efficiency to walk, talk, learn, and to do the daily routines.

The family members of the affected child can get help from a number of professionals for supporting the child in therapies and other activities that aim to reduce the effect of disabilities. All the involvements may not be appropriate for every individual suffering by cerebral palsy; however, as a parent you are the right person to decide the right activities and cerebral palsy exercises for your child.

Few parents would like to engage their child in each and every option, which may suit the child.
Physical therapy for the disabled child is provided with the aim to help them in achieving their optimum potential for physical liberty and mobility.

Physical therapy includes the cerebral palsy exercises, correct positioning of the legs and hands, and coaching for the alternate ways of movement with the help of walkers, and handling the adaptive equipments.

Occupational therapy is a purposefully designed activity to amplify the freedom through the excitation of fine motor skills. Occupational therapy can help the disabled children to handle the adaptive equipment like feeding aids, seating and bathroom aids.

Speech therapy is with the aim to improve the speaking ability and communication skills. Some children may need help to overcome a simple articulation problem; however, some cerebral palsy affected children may not be able to speak verbally and will require the non-verbal communication Medias like blissymbol boards, eye-gaze systems, and electronic voice synthesizers.

Most of the children with cerebral palsy will be prescribed for orthotics, casts or splints as a supplementary therapy programs, along with the cerebral palsy exercises. These therapy programs must be custom made for the children with CP, which offers the stability in the movements, protect the joints from the dislocation, and help the muscles to be stretched.

While doing regular cerebral palsy exercises, the well wishers or the supporters of the cerebral palsy affected children must care about the hip joints of the patients.

The cerebral palsy exercises and long time use of wheel chair may cause for the dislocation of the hip joint, which has to be avoided by proper programs. Giving a bigger ball to play will help in stretching the fingers of the child.

The striking exercises on the soft objects can help to increase the flexibility of the muscles. The physical fitness activities included in the regular cerebral palsy exercise is most helpful in strengthening the big and small muscle groups.

Regular cerebral palsy exercises instructed by the experts have to be carried out throughout the life of a cerebral palsy patient to lead a normal life without any physical support from the well wishers.

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