Cerebral palsy effects

Cerebral palsy is a disability of the child to do their daily routines which is caused by the disorder of the brain. This might happen the pregnancy or in the early stages of childhood. The main cerebral palsy effects are the disabilities and the handicaps caused in the child.

The cerebral palsy affected children has to manage their life with disabilities, like walking difficulties, functional problems of the hands, speaking disability, vision problem, and hearing impairment. The cerebral palsy effects depend upon the area and the severity of the damage happened to the brain.

The cerebral palsy is not a life threatening condition of the patient. The person with cerebral palsy can lead a normal and productive life. People with minor cerebral palsy effects are having satisfying careers, university education, social life, and some even become parents.

The key elements to reduce the handicap of cerebral palsy are:


It is very important to change the attitude of the family members towards the cerebral palsy affected people. They should never use any words that hurt the patients and they should make them happy to reduce the cerebral palsy effects. Teasing may cause a very damaging effect in the cerebral palsy children. It might worsen the situation more.

The family members of the patient have to behave and speak with the patient in such a manner to increase the self confidence of the cerebral palsy patient. This helps them to manage the normal life. The negative attitudes of the family will affect negatively and worsen the cerebral palsy effects of the disabled child.


The people cannot lead an independent life if public buildings, public transport and shopping are not accessible. To have a good career people need educational and employment opportunities and have a satisfying social life. They need access to recreational facilities and opportunities to develop friendships.

Similar to other people the cerebral palsy patients also require the accessibility for the above mentioned and in addition to that they require the regular therapy, regular exercise, nutrition, educational programs, and other developmental programs to improve the cerebral palsy effects.

Maintaining Physical Health:

The lifestyle of people involves proper nutrition, regular exercise, and other developmental programs, that are important. Generally, regular exercise and good nutrition provides the good fitness level, which will help the disabled person to increase the mobility and posture.

Regular exercise will improve the cardiovascular fitness and flexibility of the muscles. A nutritious food with high-fiber and low-fat will help the person with cerebral palsy to avoid the troubles with constipation, over weight and will increase energy levels of the body.

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