Cerebral palsy depression

Most of the cases of cerebral palsy are more influential psychologically than physically and both are very closely linked. The loss or lack of coordination and control of muscles are due to the disorders in gross and fine motor skills of brain.

The cerebral palsy affected children will not be able to move properly and lose the ability to handle the things. The cerebral palsy patients may be prepared to do everything on their own but they fail due to the lack of muscle controls and motor skills.

The physical disabilities to sit, stand, talk, walk and handle the things will cause cerebral palsy depression to the mind of the affected child. The physical impairments will frustrate the mind of cerebral palsy patients.

The helplessness, hopelessness, and bitterness will multiply the sorrow and guilt of the family members and this might lead the patients into a cerebral palsy depression.The cerebral palsy depression may lead the cerebral palsy patients into negative thoughts like suicide, but they fail to do such things due to the physical disabilities.

It is most important to take care of the cerebral palsy patients in a positive manner.The family has to build an emotionally strong relation with the patients to save them from the cerebral palsy depression.

While taking care of the cerebral palsy patients the family members and caregivers have to remember that these individuals are also having all the emotions like other people.Separation or isolation will create negative thoughts in cerebral palsy patients and the family members should not give a chance for it.

The signs of cerebral palsy depression vary from individual to individual and it is very difficult to detect.Some patients will be with increased angriness, irritability, moodiness, or humming, if they are under depression.

Change in enthusiasm in daily needs, change in sleep patterns, Loss of energy, loss of attention in friendship, play, activities, and sports are also the sign of cerebral palsy depression.It is very useful for the children with cerebral palsy, to have proper guidance from a counselor who can treat the child properly and to maintain the emotional balance of the child.

Counseling will help the patient to keep away the cerebral palsy depression and will be able to engage in daily activities and educational programs. If the patient’s mind is free from cerebral palsy depression, his self-confidence will get boosted, and he can achieve the goals and difficult tasks.

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