Cerebral palsy characteristics

The cerebral palsy characteristics are a group of disorders affecting the ability to move and muscle coordination, which are happening due to the damage to the brain during the pregnancy or at the time of the birth.

As per the medical definition, the cerebral palsy is a non-progressive condition of the brain, however, the cerebral palsy characteristics will continue to be unchanged and the patient has to manage his life with the disabilities.

The developmental process of the brain gets started at the early stage of pregnancy and continues to develop up to the age of three. If any damage happens to the developing brain it may result as cerebral palsy to the child.

The main cerebral palsy characteristics are the failure of communication between the body and brain, which results in many disabilities to the affected. The cerebral palsy characteristics will vary from child to child and the severity of the disabilities depends upon the severity of the damage to the brain.

The mildest condition of cerebral palsy will result a minor awkwardness in the movements and hand control, which can be eliminated by the regular exercise and physical rapies.However,characteristics of the severe condition of cerebral palsy will be the loss of complete muscle control, speaking disability, hearing impairment, vision problems, and an inability to do the daily routines.

The cerebral palsy characteristics and the effects depend on the area of the brain that got damaged and the symptoms may be one or a group of many of the following:-

Tightness of muscles or spasm and posture may occur due to the nervous problems or due to the failure of communication between the brain and body, which causes for the loss of balance to the body movements and abnormal hand controls.

The damage to the developing brain will seriously affect the gross motor skills of brain and causes disabilities to walk or run.

The other cerebral palsy characteristics are the difficulty or disability to speak and understand the communications, which happen due to the functional problems of the fine motor skills of brain.

The cerebral palsy affected children’s mind will be disabling them to observe the matters in a right way and they may have abnormal sensations.

All the above cerebral palsy characteristics will be having the associated troubles like feeding the food, poor bladder and bowel functions, breathing problems, and irregularity in blood circulation.

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