Cerebral palsy brain

Cerebral palsy is a disorder of the body functions, which happens due to the injuries caused to the developing brain. The brain injuries to the child might occur during the pregnancy due to the heavy dosage of the medicines, use of illegal drugs by the mother or an accident to the mother who is pregnant.

Children with cerebral palsy brain will be having an inability to speak, hear, and see. Certain brain defects causing for the cerebral palsy will not worsen by the time, however the disabilities will get varied over time. The exact cause for the cerebral palsy is unknown to the world. However the possibilities include the abnormalities due to the brain injuries or the abnormal growth of brain.

Cerebral palsy brain is a result of defective development or an injury to the motor areas of the brain. A cerebral palsy brain will cause many disabilities like learning disabilities, tooth decay, gastrointestinal dysfunctions, sensory deficits, and imbalance in movements and posture. A child with severe cerebral palsy might suffer from complete disability and might require the care of others throughout their life.

The College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Korea had a research and found that the ultra sonographically noticeable neonatal brain white matter lesions are the most significant and identifiable reason for cerebral palsy.

The study has identified that during the course of intrauterine infections the inflammatory cytokines are being released, which might get implicated in the genesis of brain white matter lesions and leads to cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is the disability or disorder of the brain.

Cerebral palsy occurs mostly during the pregnancy due to the damage to the developing brain or due to the reduced growth of the brain in the fetus. Many causes of cerebral palsy brain are reported to be, due to the mother’s health problems. It is possible to happen due to infections during the pregnancy period, lack of nutritious food, accident during pregnancy, or due to poor labor and health care at the time of delivery.

There are more chances for the cerebral palsy brain in the premature babies than the babies who are carried full-term. This is particular to a child with weight less than 3.3 pounds. Babies born as twins and triplets are more at risk of getting cerebral palsy brain due to less weight. Brain damage during infancy or early child hood will also be a cause for the cerebral palsy.

A child may suffer this kind of damage to the brain due to poisoning, bacterial attacks, malnutrition, shaken baby syndrome, or an accident to the mother during pregnancy.

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