Cerebral palsy books

Cerebral palsy is disease in which the part in the brain that controls the movement and the coordination of the muscle is damaged. As a result the affected person finds it difficult to control the movement of his parts.

There are so many books on the disease called cerebral palsy .les us discuss about them in brief here.

Cerebral palsy- a complete guide for care giving.

This book was written by freeman miller and Steven a bachrach. This is by far the best resource available for the parents whose children are suffering from cerebral palsy. This books deals in detail about almost all aspects of cerebral palsy of babies and children.

This book can be recommended immediately in case you come across anybody who is looking for information about the dreaded cerebral palsy. This book has information about development of child, psycological issue, medical issue, diplegia, hemiplegia, quadriplegia, financial information and legal information.

The official parents source book on cerebral palsy.

Philip m parker and James n. parker are the editors of this book. You can find information about the prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy. This book also has information about the associations, organisations, and other set-ups that works for cerebral palsy. This book also provides research resources like name of the contact person, summaries and links through internet for cerebral palsy.

Children with cerebral palsy - a parents guide

This book was edited by Elaine gerlasis. This book has very useful information for the parents of the child who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This book is an excellent guide to the parents. This book tells them what to do and what not to do.

Fine motor skills in Children with down syndrome- a guide for parents and professionals

The editor of this book is Maryanne bruni. This book is a very comprehensive book for both the therapists and parents who want to try exercise [fun] in order to improve fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills in children with down syndrome- a guide for parents and professionals.

The editor of this book is Patricia c. winders. This is a very good book for therapist and parents. This book has information about the exercises that need to be provided for children with cerebral palsy in order to improve their gross motor skills

Rolling along- the story of a tailor and his wheel chair.

This book was written by jamee riggio heelan. This book explains the difficulties faced by the Taylor and how he overcomes the difficulties by getting a wheel chair. This book also explains how Taylor moves around in his wheel chair and does his things on his own etc.

With so many books on cerebral palsy available in the market you can use them as a guide during the treatments and therapies for the person affected with cerebral palsy.

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